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June 17th, 2013, 06:58 PM
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Today I am so frustrated. Lexi literally has not slept longer than 30 min since 12:15 pm when I had to wake her up to go pick up my son from camp. As soon as we got back, I fed her (1 pm). She did not sleep after that feeding. Then I fed her again at 2:30 pm, and then 3:00 pm. At 3:00 pm she catnapped for only 30 min. Then she was back up and I fed her again close to 4 pm. At 5 pm I left for the grocery store with my older son, leaving Lexi with her father. I was back by 6 pm for another feeding. At this point I'm so low in my supply my let down took forever and she's screaming. Then finally at 7 pm I got to eat dinner (cold). Then another feeding at 8:20 pm. She hasn't slept in between any of these feeds, mind you. And here it is almost 9 pm and she is still restless. She's in her bassinett now and fussing. I don't get it. How can a 6 week old not sleep all day? W*f is going on? Yet if I had her in the stroller or car seat she would have slept probably. Ugh!!! I'm so sick of this crap!

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