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June 17th, 2013, 07:28 PM
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Thanks ladies. I have lived on kellymom for the past week. I think we're going to try a bottle here at the next feeding. my pedi did say he was ok with us mixing it with breastmilk. He's very pro breastfeeding and didn't even want us to do a bottle yet but the syringe allows him to swallow so much air he gets very upset. Then he cries and it ends up be counterproductive. I have just enough to offer him an oz of breastmilk. I'm undecided if tonight we will mix formula with it. This afternoon I've been pumping for 10 minutes after each feeding and then he's been getting in about an extra half an oz of that but only at two of the feedings.

We've kept the appointment time at about the same time of day and I have a scale at home that matched what the one at the drs said. We go back on Friday but I will be keeping check on his weight at home throughout the week.

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