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June 17th, 2013, 08:01 PM
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Wow that was totally rude and heartless to say that to you!! My OB was very kind about it, I knew I had gained more than I would like to in the first trimester, and all she did was ask how I felt about my weight. When I said I knew I was heavier than I'd like, she just said, "I never tell my pregnant women to diet, but just to try to make healthy choices." That was the first and last time my weight was mentioned.
If I were you, I'd almost consider changing your OB doctor, because I think it's very unhealthy for you to feel you need to restrict your calories. That could be bad for baby. I don't think it matters one bit whether you gain 30 lbs or 80 lbs. Your baby will still be healthy either way, so why worry about it? Personally, I gained fast in the first trimester with both pregnancies, faster than the recommended weight. But then in the third trimester, I gained less than recommended, so it all leveled out. I wouldn't worry one single bit. Besides, 5 lbs is not even worth mentioning. I have no idea why your doc freaked out about it. What a jerk!!!

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