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June 17th, 2013, 09:32 PM
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so i am 4 weeks and 1 day today.. ive been testing positive for the last 5 days on the cheap $1 pregnancy tests.. this mornings "result line" was just as dark as the control line.. so i know that my hormones are obviously doubling up because every morning the line gets darker... anyways.. my concern is the very minimal spotting... 2 days ago i spotted brown (only noticed it when i checked my cervical position)... last night i checked my cervix and i some red tinged blood on my finger.. and then again today im very LIGHT brown discharge.. but its not enough for a tampon or pad.. as i mentioned before its only noticeable when i check my cervix position (which is medium high and soft).. any other ladies experiencing this or has experienced this in the past? good luck to all you other ladies that are due in February!!!
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