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June 17th, 2013, 11:41 PM
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Hey ladies,

I'm wondering how many of you have gotten, or know of someone who has gotten, pregnant while on the nuvaring? Also, I would like some input on whether or not you think I am pregnant.

So I've been on the nuvaring for about 9 months with no problems, this month I started spotting about a week and a half before my period was due. After spotting for two days, I took out the nuvaring hoping that would "jump start" my period (then later found out you're not supposed to take it out early). After taking it out, the spotting got a LITTLE heavier, but still not enough to use up an entire tampon. So basically my "period" had come and gone before I was ever even scheduled to take the ring out. Also, I had been taking out the nuvaring during sex (no more than 3 hours), I'm not sure if this could cause spotting?

Starting after the spotting incident, I have developed a ton of pregnancy symptoms..cramps, always bloated, sore breasts (get more sore everyday it seems), moodiness, emotional, EXTREMELY exhausted, and I feel like I go pee more often than I used to. I took a Clearblue Easy Digital test a couple mornings ago and it said "Not Pregnant." Well, after I took it I realized that that was only about 2 weeks after sex (the soonest you can test), also while I was taking it I noticed that my pee was pretty diluted.

I know the logical answer to all this is just to take another test, which I plan on doing within the next few days, I just wanted to get somebody else's input and see if anyone else has went through a similar situation! Thanks in advance ladies!
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