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June 18th, 2013, 03:22 AM
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Originally Posted by nursingmama View Post
at home today, we are actually celebrating father's day because I worked all day yesterday
Awww!! I hope you guys have a wonderful day together.

Originally Posted by Hoping4bby View Post
Just at home taking care of the baby...doing laundry giving him a bath..the usual! It's really nice outside so I think we will go for a walk later on!
We had a lot of nasty weather and I was unable to go outside to do a lot. We live near water and the mosquitos are rampant right now. I was bit twice on the forehead and my eyes and T-zone area is swelled up like 'The Beast' in Beauty in the Beast. Now my eyes are all distorted and it is all itchy....I hate mosquitos and they hate me. I don't want the LO bit, so we're staying inside with the AC for now. He'll get a lot of outside time when we go on vacation for the first time with him for the 4th.

Originally Posted by minalyn View Post
Back To The Grind Lol. ReadyFor LunchAnd A Nap!
Yeah, that always sucks! A nap is always nice, especially when you lose so much sleep because of the LO. lol

Originally Posted by mal91011 View Post
Just a 10 hour work day.

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