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June 18th, 2013, 05:26 AM
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Well girls, after a lot of consideration I have made my decision. I won't TTC this month. I will skip this month and try from the next one again. It is a difficult decision and it breaks my heart especially with my friend having her baby in 2 weeks but its for the best. If I try from next month I will at least have started my new job and will be entitled to private maternity leave. Otherwise I would have to rely on the goverments one which is crap. Also I will have started my job non pregnant which means I wont have deceived them, making me more reliable. I need to have a job to go back to after maternity as I need to make sure my baby has the best life possible. It is upsetting but its only a month and I only want to provide my baby the best future, a good life! And maybe a break from all this could do good u never know. I will be popping in to check on everyone, but please keep me posted, I want to know your updates. For first time in my life I am hoping to not be preggo this month lol. We BD yesterday, before I made up my mind and O is in 3 days!!!!! Pffff Good luck to all of you girls!

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