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June 18th, 2013, 06:35 AM
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Multiples are the "norm" for sheep Their first year lambing many will have singles, but after that twins are normal/expected, sometimes you get triplets and even quads, and most farmers actually cull (sell) ewes who consistently have singles. My sheep are all only yearlings so that's why I'm getting singles this year. Next year I shouldn't have any.

No, we don't ultrasound them. It's a wait and see game. We, and most other sheep farms, keep records of lambing percentages (and ease of lambing, mothering instinct, etc..) on each ewe and work at creating good production/mothering bloodlines. My sheep are half Friesen (a milking breed lol) so they can produce more milk to support triplets when they do occur, so I hopefully don't have to bottle feed

I know with beef cattle (my family raises those) it's the same as with dairy, twins are not a good thing. Same with horses, in fact I know with big money performance horses they'll often "pinch" (abort) one of the twins if they find them via ultrasound. Sheep and goats are a whole other ball game though lol (for the record, I will never own a goat again!! LOL!)

Here's my latest lil ewe lamb born. She'll be a gorgeous addition to my flock! A single, and yeah since her mama is a first time mama that's normal but next year she will have twins or triplets.
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