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June 18th, 2013, 07:40 AM
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Apparently being on my iPad lead me to click on the wrong board to post on, so here it is again...

So, after a long time ttc I found out I was pregnant when I collapsed in my home, unable to breathe I was placed in the ICU for a week on a ventilator. Apparently we had mold in the house, and I was severely allergic! I lost the baby the same day I found out I was pregnant. But don't dr assured me that it was due to lack of oxygen (severe sarcasm here, they couldn't have been more callous with a comment like that..) That was hardly any consolation... After trying for so long, it just feels like it will never happen again and that fate intervened and I was just not meant to carry another baby.
I apologize for not posting sooner but I needed some time before I told anyone outside my family.
Today, I find myself facing another, weird?..issue. I guess my cycles are wonky because we are back this month TTC, and this is my 6th!!!! Yes, 6th + OPK in a row! After all these years, I'm sure it's +. Anyone else have this issue? I've had 2 periods since our loss. Any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks again and again I apologize for being M. I. A.

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