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June 18th, 2013, 08:06 AM
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I've had this happen more times than not. And I've found in the past that remaining neutral just lead to more problems later on when the advances became more persistent.
Personally, I've said or done something that would deter them- such as a compliment about my hair/skin etc..."Oh! It must be the prenatal vitamins I've been taking! I started them last week because my husband/fiancÚ/boyfriend and I are trying for a baby! Isn't that so exciting???"
Or what I'm wearing-"Ohh I just bought it yesterday! My fiancÚ and I are going out tonight. He has a romantic evening planned for us!"' (You can have dh pick you up to add to the f u factor haha and it'd make dh feel better to show the guy up!)
If those don't work flat out tell him you are not interested and are seriously involved with someone and even if you weren't you wouldnt be interested. Good luck!

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