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June 18th, 2013, 09:54 AM
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Robby eats most everything we eat. We love spicy foods and sometimes I need to water it down a bit for him, but he can definitely handle some zing in his food! I would not call him a particularly picky eater, but he won't eat bland foods like bread, rice, mac and cheese, etc. which makes it hard when you're trying to do something quick and easy, and he won't eat anything more than twice in one week, so we have to keep a variety in the house.

For breakfast, he usually eats oatmeal or yogurt and some fresh fruit; for lunch, leftovers from the night before (usually a meat and some veggies or something like beans and rice); for an afternoon snack, fruit juice and some fruit or cheese; and for dinner, he eats what we eat.

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