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June 18th, 2013, 10:30 AM
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Thanks! Well my hubby doesn't want to do any ovulation test etc.. wants to keep it fun and knowing when I ovulate etc kind of freaks him out LOL

Those calendars are so confusing, some say on a 33 days cycle I should ovulate today while another one says I ovulated sunday... I've been going by cervical mucus and up until today I was pretty much dry. I would have a small wet spot or that lotion like mucus here and there but today I had the most mucus (actually had to run to the bathroom).. it was wet for sure.. no lotion like stuff.. so I'm assuming I might actually ovulate today? I normally get cramps on whatever side I'm ovulating on but I've had light cramps since last week (way too early to have before period) and been having an increase of headaches and recently my sex drive has dropped wwwaayyy down (before this last weekend I was really in the "mood"). We had sex on Sunday so I'm assuming we probably should again tonight just incase.
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