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June 18th, 2013, 10:53 AM
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I love the u/s pic, so sweet! Yay for a great u/s

I cannot believe your doc said that. I gained 5 lbs once with my DD1 in 2 weeks, the only thing my doctor said was, you gained 5 lbs, make sure you are making the right choices when it comes to eating, but 5 lbs is okay here and there. She also assured me that it was fine because I lost weight in my first trimester because I was sick. With Addy, I gained most of the weight in the first trimester because if I didn't eat, I was soooo nauseous, but I never got sick (except 2 times I think). I only gained 27 lbs with Addy total though, so it evened out. Doctors shouldn't make comments like that, in 11 weeks, 5 lbs is normal - I think they say around 5 in the first trimester is? I can't remember stats, but 5 lbs sounds right in line with what it should be! Please try to ignore his comments, I would also bring it up at your next appointment and let him know that you didn't appreciate the comment and you think he is an exceptional doctor, but that really added undue stress.

At your next appointment, they will likely just do what Melissa said, I don't think they will measure just yet though. I think the fundal height starts making a difference around 24 weeks, but again, some docs are different. Anyways, they will likely take your BP, test your urine, weigh you, and schedule your next appt. They may even schedule your anatomy scan and possibly do an u/s at your 14 week.

Did he discuss 1st trimester screening? That should be done soon if you are opting for it, I think it is done between 11w 6d and 13w 1d or something like that...
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