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June 18th, 2013, 12:23 PM
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I'm 26 weeks and up about 9 lbs- according to the md office. But, it's actually more like 6-7 because I go to my appointments at night, and my weight really fluctuates and goes up throughout the day! I way at home in the mornings and according to that I'm between 6-7 lbs higher than my weight the day after my BFP.

I'm clinically obese and am only suppsed to gain 15 I don't like that the MD office already has me down at +9, I'm waiting to start getting lectures, but hopefully not!

BFP: 1/31/2013
First OB Visit: 02/19/2013
Dating Ultrasound: 02/20/2013 Got to see the baby move! HB 170!
Level 2 Ultrasound: 4/24/2013 It's a boy! HB 148!

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