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June 18th, 2013, 12:27 PM
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So I will be working P/T (mornings) next year with 9-11 yr olds, hopefully still have time to do stuff with the kids and continue my spiritual work to some extent as well.

It's at Daniel's school too, so our hols will be the same apart from possibly the odd staff INSET day. So very lucky!

And for a whole year, and it'll be easier to get a permanent job if I'm already in work, this time next year (if something doesn't come up in the same school).

Thank you so very much for thoughts & prayers!

Hopefully things will become a little less crazy now I don't have to job hunt. There will be paperwork to do for this post over the next few weeks and I have outstanding chores which have been put to one side, but I anticipate being around more very soon, thanks for bearing with me as well!

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