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June 18th, 2013, 12:37 PM
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If I could re-do anything about the birth of my DD, it would be giving her my SO (at the time)'s last name...
I know every situation is different, I swore over and over that nothing would ever split us up, yada yada yada... So, I gave her his last name. We split a few months after she was born... I have spent the last 6 years being called by his last name when picking her up at school, going to her dr, phone calls from ins and school and coaches/leaders... It reminds me every day that I made a mistake. (edited to add-not made a mistake having her, but the mistake was using HIS last name...) And now, we are spending way too much money on lawyers to try to over-ride the barely there bio-dads rights and change her last name...

Just think long and hard, make up your mind BEFORE you get to the hospital and stick with it... Please... I swore I was going to give her my last name, then she was born and i was emotional and we decided we were in love and she was getting his last name (barf!!)
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