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June 18th, 2013, 12:38 PM
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It went pretty well, baby looks good (yay) and I continue to measure 1 full week ahead (27wks) which has been consistently the case since about 8wks even though we're not tinkering with my EDD. The baby's growth is solidly average (slightly above) so that becomes my benchmark on the growth chart curve that they'll now use to determine whether baby's growth slows at all.

A couple of unexpected things from the appt - high risk OB is now making the decision for my OB (which she was supposed to make at my 28wk appt) that he wants to perform all of the growth scans from here until delivery now. And instead of doing them monthly - so I was kind of only mentally prepared for 3 more - he will do the next one at 30 weeks but then starting at 32 weeks he wants to do them weekly I wish I could enjoy them more, instead I get so anxious about these that I feel like a panicky mess, so not really excited to do so many.

He also confirmed what I feared, they definitely want to induce me early - in fact earlier than I anticipated - he's saying his recommendation to my OB will be to induce between 38-39weeks, due primarily to the blood thinners i'm on. I'll get more info on this at my 28wk appt with my OB....what was interesting was that he was talking to me about my challenges with Savannah's induction and telling me how they can do a more relaxed induction process with this one(possibly even sending me home if i'm not progressing) almost as if he plans to be there...I don't think my OB is asking him to be present (that's really only for super high risk patients I think?) but I'll have to ask her.

Anyway, pics are kind of poor (sorry, cellphone) but here's the best of the group today:

Savannah Stylin!

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