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June 18th, 2013, 12:45 PM
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Hey Everyone,

Let me tell you about myself.
I had a C-Section with my daughter-- 5 years ago. I was a first time Mom so had no idea what to expect.
I went into labour naturally (contractions every 3 minutes). When I went to the hospital, they checked me and said I was about 2cm dilated.
They immediately hooked me up to Pitocin (without asking) and broke my water. Then I laboured for 7 hours with no progress as they turned up the Pitocin. I got the epidural.
Shortly after the doctor came into my room and said to me 'your family is waiting in the hallway. You could have a C-Section and have this baby in 20 minutes". Otherwise you are going to continue to labour and likely have a C-Section anyway. I remember feeling very alone and confused. I eventually consented and was wheeled off to the ER. I had my C-Section and was holding my beautiful baby shortly after. My breast milk did not come in for another week and recovery was tough.
I felt a bit cheated out of the 'normal' birth experience and couldnt' help but think that the C/S might have been unnecessary. The baby was never under any stress. I just never progressed past 2cm.

I am now almost 38 weeks pregnant with my second one. I have a new doctor who allowed me to try for a V-Bac up until 41.5 weeks. I really dont want any high expecations because I don't want to be upset if the same thing happens again but I WANT to know that my body can experience regular labour.
At the same time, I feel new again at this even though I'm a second time Mom. Part of me just wants to schedule the C-Section because at least I'm familiar with that method of birth. I'm terrified that labour will hurt.

Just wanted some support from BTDT Moms.
I suppose my feelings are normal.

Thanks for hearing me out

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