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June 18th, 2013, 01:00 PM
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I occasionally get called the wrong names, but it has never offended me. My oldest doesn't have the greatest father, but it's still his father. I always want my kids to know who helped create them because it's still a part of their bloodline and identity regardless of circumstance. Even if you don't know your father you can still reach out later in life and learn more about that part of your family.

I think for me it was always weird because my maiden name isn't my biological father's name. I won't say step dad because he is the only man who who raised me, but my adolescent years were rough and sometimes I really loathed the fact I had his name over my bio dad's name although I've spoken to my bio dad all of maybe three times in my lifetime. So maybe that's why I had no desire to give my boys my maiden name. Although I don't seek a relationship with my bio father anymore I am still very curious about that side of my family and consider them a part of me. When I got divorced last year I kept my married name, but mainly because it's so easy for people to remember and it's a conversation starter (my last name is Bacon).

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