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June 18th, 2013, 01:38 PM
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I make and freeze stuff all the time, just for ease. Here are my favorite suggestions:

- Spaghetti pie, lasagna, baked ziti, any type of baked pasta (In this case, you would boil noodles and assemble, then freeze before the baking stage, then thaw and bake)

- Egg casseroles made with egg, some milk, cooked sausage or bacon, cooked veg, etc. (assemble and freeze raw, then thaw and bake). Same can be done with quiche.

- Soups, stews, chili

- Casseroles. I make a standard casserole with this formula: Starch (cooked noodles or rice), cooked meat, veggie (like frozen peas), white sauce (typically cream of something soup with some milk added), shredded cheese, seasonings (salt & pepper, seasoning salt, garlic powder, onion powder). Assemble, freeze, then thaw and bake.

- Meatloaf and meatballs (flash freeze first) freeze well. I freeze them raw and then thaw and bake/cook.

- Baked mac and cheese freezes well (I use a recipe that has eggs and freeze before baking).

- Twice baked potatoes freeze well.

- Pre-cooked rice also freezes well for a quick side dish or a way to make fried rice.

Other things that freeze well are PB&J sandwiches (spread PB on both slices of bread to avoid soggy bread) and French Toast sticks. I've also successfully frozen waffles and pancakes, although they aren't as good as fresh.
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