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June 18th, 2013, 02:22 PM
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Thank you ladies DH and I think baby is pretty adorable too.

They haven't discussed with me any of the testing that can be done. So I guess they aren't planning on doing the NT scan. Or if they are, they didn't ask if I wanted it to be done. During my first appointment in April, they gave me a folder with some paperwork to read. The Dr mentioned it had a paper in it that will tell me what to expect at each appointment. I am going to share that with you ladies...

I noticed there was an 8 week gap between 28 weeks and 36 weeks which I ask my Dr about at my appointment yesterday because I can't go that long without beeing seen due to anxiety and fears. He said I must have read it wrong because his handout doesn't say that. *sigh* anyways... This paper is pretty much all I have to go on, for now, until I get in the habit of asking what to expect at my next appointments. I don't see anything about NT scans, I guess all they do is blood work for down's syndrome and spina bifida? It's looking like I need to make a phone call to their office and ask about the NT scan.

With my first pregnancy I was seeing a different Dr at this point, and at around 14-15 weeks they did blood work not the NT scan. Maybe that is standard around here? Maybe it has to do with my insurance not covering the scan? I really don't know. I will eventually call their office and find out for sure.

Oh, I thought I should add... DH was pretty upset with me last night for not eating like normal. He talked some sense into me and I'm going to continue to eat because it's important for baby's health. I'm just going to cut back on the fast foods and greasy stuff for now and see if that makes a difference at my next appointment. And thank you Melissa for the JM weight loss board recommendation! I will look around in there when I get a little free time Is it for pregnant women as well as postpartum?

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