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June 18th, 2013, 03:09 PM
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I couldn't handle the discomfort today. He would walk by my desk when he never used to. He came into my cube to "ask" me about a grammatical error on a set of drawings, he asked me whether I had grabbed a slice of his cheesecake. I finally printed off the email chain and brought it to my manager. He was mad. He told me that we would take it to the director if that was okay with me, and that regardless of the decision made, he would rearrange work responsibilities so that I never had to interact with that guy again. He told me he would do what it took to make me comfortable again, and that I did nothing wrong. A few hours after my conversation with my manager, I got ANOTHER email from that guy about drawings, but at the end he wrote, "I actually enjoy working with you, and it’s not for reasons most men do. You’re just good people and company. " :/

We went to the director and showed him all of the emails. He made a surprised look when he saw the email that mentioned how DH was a lucky man and whether or not I had any outfits I did not look stunning in. I'm still shocked that he sent me those emails, so I can imagine my director's shock. He told me his first choice would be to handle it, talk to the guy, and tell him not to do it ever again. If that didn't work, we would take it to HR. He asked me if I would be comfortable with that or if I wanted more done. I appreciated that. I told him I was comfortable with that as long as I never have to work with him again. He agreed and as far as I know he will take care of it.

Thanks for the support ladies - this has been kinda a tough thing to deal with. I just hope the stress hasn't affected TTC. I'm sure it hasn't.
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