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June 18th, 2013, 03:21 PM
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first off, I def have issue with your Dr chastising you on weight gain and especially so slight weight gain. My OB doesn't even worry at 2-3lbs in couple of weeks because (i'm quoting her) you weigh differently in clothes, at different times of day, if it's immed after a meal, etc. Don't let that even bother you...I had some really rapid weight gain with Savannah starting at 30wks - like 2-3lbs a week (!) and even then Dr just wanted to have me focus on making healthy choices...I was eating really carefully already and STILL gaining rapidly, so sometimes it's not even in your control, fluid retention and other things can play a role too. My best advice is eat when you're hungry, drink plenty of fluids and don't let the # on the scale freak you out...there's lots of time to diet once baby's here.

I'm glad you got to see your LO...I had similar scare I think right around 11wks where Dr couldn't get hb on Doppler and I totally started freaking out, but baby was fine on u/s. I'm glad you were able to get the immediate reassurance from the u/s & a sneak peek at your sweet lil baby

ETA: you should call and ask about NT scan. What they're suggesting at 16wks - the quad screen - can be done alone but it's most accurate when they do a 2 stage blood draw (one at 12 weeks & one at 16 weeks) AND combined with the NT scan. NT scan has to be done before 13wks if you want to do it at all. There's now newer blood tests - Harmony, MaternT21 - that are more accurate than the quad screen, although they focus on 3 trisomies (13, 18 & 21 I believe) and quad screen I think picks up a couple of other potential problems, so many older moms end up with both being run (I did). Personally, if I could only have one, i'd probably want the Harmony/MaternT one since it's more accurate...but a lot of insurance plans are now covering NT scans/quad screens even for lower risk mothers so it's worth asking. A lot of OBs don't perform these themselves, they send you for consult with high risk OB (unless that's what you're already seeing?) to have all of those tests run.

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