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June 18th, 2013, 04:06 PM
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They say not to read after 5 minutes, but all of my positives did not show until after 8 minutes. I tested at 11 DPO, the wandfo showed up positive at 8 minutes, I thought it was an evap because the save-a-lot test showed negative as well. It got really dark an hour later.

Retested with a wanfo on the same day (without holding it) and it showed positive again at 8 minutes. Still wasn't convinced, thought it was an evap because it was so faint.

3 days later at 14 DPO, the test showed up positive again at 8 minutes (I timed it) This time I took pictures of it at 5 minutes and 8 minutes and 10 minutes.

Took a dollar tree test and it showed up within 3 minutes.

I finally sucked it up and realized that I was actually pregnant.

I went through all this to say that lines on Wandfo's can take much longer to show.

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