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June 18th, 2013, 05:18 PM
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My dr isn't high risk, and he claims I'm not either but because of what happened with my son he will be keeping a much closer eye on everything. But, so far that doesn't really seem to be the case if he isn't worried about the NT scan or discussing any further testing with me.

I weighed myself this morning and MY scale says I haven't gained any weight!! But then again I was wearing a light shirt and capri pants with no shoes when I weighed myself, which is probably about 4-5lbs lighter than the outfit I was wearing yesterday. I guess I freaked out for nothing. Unless my scale is off by a lot, which I doubt. Haha yes, I'm still stressing about what he said. It was just so rude! Plus I know I can lose it all once baby is here. I lost it all plus 3 lbs extra only a few months after Clyde was born and all I could make myself eat during that time was cookies, cakes, horrible sugary stuff otherwise I didn't eat at all. I guess it was a way to punish myself?? I can be an emotional basket case sometimes but I think I'm doing okay now. Way better than yesterday that's for sure.

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