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June 18th, 2013, 07:17 PM
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I had two different postpartum bands. I actually didn't like the kind that stretched and then has a velcro closure, it always seemed to slip around too much. What I did instead was buy a slimmer! I bought two kinds, one for the whole upper body and one that pulls on like a pair of shorts. It was much more comfortable than my postpartum band and actually offered a lot more compression. I wore it for a week and by the end of that week (5 weeks pp) I could tell a huge difference in the size of my belly. I still wear it very often now (3 months pp).

but really my honest opinion is that the compression "postpartum" bands are mostly useless. Usually pretty costly for something so simple, too.

During pregnancy I used a compression band to hold my hips tight because I experienced a lot of hip pain.
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