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June 18th, 2013, 11:45 PM
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Thanks everyone!

Today I noticed a big increase (the most this month) in my mucus (sorry TMI lol), really watery this time (mucus before today was the sticky, white/lotion like stuff). My hubby and I baby danced tonight just incase I did ovulate! He's been on a special project at work which is 10 hr days and saturdays so I think we are done for the rest of the week, poor guy is just exhausted lol. Last time with our two kids I'm pretty sure I would ovulate mid cycle so like middle of the month which for this month was June 11-18th. With all those calenders etc the dates for ovulation ranged from the 9th to today so we've baby danced during those dates, hopefully we did it enough. Only concern is if I ovulated before the 11th but I highly doubt it as I didn't get off my period until June 4th and it started on May 27th. With my other two kids I was able to feel early pregnancy symptoms with in a week before my missed period so here's crossing my fingers!!! I will for sure keep everyone updated!

So I was just reading up on the different types of mucus and what it means up until today I had tacky, sticky, lotion white mucus but today it was: wet, slippery, clear, thin, fluid etc so now I'm pretty darn convinced I did ovulate today!! Here's the website I got my info on just incase anyone else wants to take a peak:

Cervical Mucus, Ovulation and Your Fertile Period

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