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June 19th, 2013, 05:24 AM
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Wow $35 a can that is steep! I can't imagine. My 2nd son had to switch to all different formulas but never wound up on that. It's funny because he eats everything now! But my 3rd son was fine and now can't have most milks! So funny.

Cortney, I hope you get the WIC, that will help offset some of the costs for you.

I started the generic target brand gentle last night and so far so good, although she didn't sleep as good as the night before, she slept just fine, which is the same as she was sleeping every other night. I think we are at the point of moving her into her room. She's an extremely noisy sleeper and it's keeping me up. I think I'll be trying that tonight! She just snorts and sighs for an hour before she gets up. Even toots really loud! All of these things are keeping me up!

Sorry off topic!
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