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June 19th, 2013, 08:01 AM
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yea I do have them nurse together for most of the daytime feedings. It seems that since we tried added extra to Corbin that is shifted his feedings to an hour later than Nolan so now they don't want to feed at the same time.

Corbin did nurse great during the night. They both seemed like they were starving before bedtime and they already love their 10pm bottle. We started two days ago putting an oz in a bottle for both of them and last night both of them nursed afterwards.

I'm not sure this is all helping Corbin, I feel like he is still taking in the same amount. I've been trying some tricks I read on Kellymom to try and up my fat content in my milk so I hope that maybe that will help. My mom was telling me I did the exact same things to her as a baby and she chalked it up to me being born 12 weeks early but maybe not. Maybe it was a personality thing and I've passed this onto Corbin?

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