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June 19th, 2013, 11:09 AM
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Hey everyone!

This is my first time ever on a message board. I have been reading a lot of boards due to my excessive Googling on EVERYTHING pregnancy related here lately. I thought I would post my story/questions/concerns because I am driving myself crazy wondering if I'm pregnant or not!

I have somewhat irregular periods, so I chart them. According to the webmd ovulation calculator, my cycle is 22 days long and my fertile days are May 31st - Jun 4th. My next period WAS expected to be Jun 16th; I have not started yet. We DTD on Jun 2nd. I have felt a little nauseous the past 3 of 4 mornings. Yesterday afternoon I started feeling crampy like I may start, and I have had a pink/brown discharge which I think could possibly be IB. On Jun 17th I took a HPT in the afternoon and got a BFN. Took another one the next morning and had another BFN. They were Walgreen's HPTs, I didn't buy the expensive ones. Today I'm still feeling crampy, but it's still the pink/brown stuff.

When should I wait to take another test?? I'm going crazy, and don't want to talk to my DF about it just yet because I feel it's too soon, I want to be sure first.

Phew, glad I got that off my chest lol!
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