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June 19th, 2013, 11:17 AM
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I there! I officially started homeschooling my DD last Septermber, she's 4.5 y/o. We are in California, I don't belong to any home school groups (yet).

Originally Posted by ChicaChels View Post
how did you get started?
I bought some kindy/pre-k work books from $tree and school supply stores, Also found a bunch of worksheets, ideas, crafts & activities on pinterest.

Originally Posted by ChicaChels View Post
i want to home school, but im so intimidated by getting started. my daughter is so resistant to learn anything from me, too...but anyone else, she's fascinated by their knowledge
Please don't take it the wrong way when I ask this but I'm wondering how patient you are when you try teaching her new things, or even tone of voice. In no way I'm trying to say there's something wrong with you that she's so resistant to learning but although I am normally a very patient person I had to learn to be so much more patient when teaching Alex and most of all making it fun for her.

Starting kindergarten for the most part is very easy, there are so many online sources for free. Also try the $tree, there are so many puzzles, crafts and activities there. Same with Michael's craft store, although there's no home school section I will buy some crayons, paints and fun crafty stuff for learning.

I have a whole board on pinterest just for home school, it has lots of fun ideas for kindergarten ages, if you are interested let me know and I will post a link.

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