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June 19th, 2013, 11:30 AM
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I wouldnt be worried that she was the same 2 days ago. EBF babies take a little longer to put on the weight usually and since she was heavier to begin with it may take her a little longer. And she could have lost more without you knowing it and is now gaining.

Block feeding is where you feed her from one breast for several feeds and then switch. Since you said she is gagging its likely you have an overactive letdown. Which in turn she may not be able to get to the fatty hind milk before she is full or too tired to eat anymore. Feeding her on one side for a few feeds and then switching will help her get to that fatty milk.

How is her urine output and her poop what does it look like? Is it green or yellow and seedy? If its green its even more likely she is getting to much foremilk.

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