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June 19th, 2013, 01:41 PM
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So I had my Dr appt today. They put me on medication for the Bells palsy. No induction as of yet although she will discuss it at my next appt. When she checked me I am dialated to a 1 almost a 2. So that was good news. They had me on the monitors for a NST what with everything going on and little man was doing good. I had one tiny contraction in the half hour I was hooked up but I didn't even feel it lol.
The bells palsy completely sucks. I can't blink my right eye and it waters a lot and my mouth on my right side doesn't move at all when I talk so drinking out of a straw is hard. And I made a complete mess of myself when trying to brush my teeth this morning as spitting out toothpaste = really challenging lol Its also causing me some pain behind my eye on that side. I also have a headache only on that side. My ear on that side feels like I have an ear infection even though I don't. And my neck on that side pretty much feels like I slept wrong...even though I didn't. And I also have visual disturbances from my eye constantly watering on that side and from not being able to blink where it frequently goes blurry or seems like there is something in my eye. So not fun. I feel like Quasimodo

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