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June 19th, 2013, 02:05 PM
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Highs are predicted at 99 degrees today, and that feels about right I'm in TX by the way.
It was a bit thunder-y yesterday but it never rained around my house. There are supposed to be more scattered showers today but nothing here so far. The mosquitoes are loving this weather. We have them here by the hundreds! I was really hoping they wouldn't be so thick this year so we could enjoy some outdoor time during the 4th of July. They were so bad last year. DH was worried about me getting eaten up because I was pregnant (I avoid bug sprays while pg) so we cut our festivities short. But yea, with the mosquitoes out and hungry, and the heat being so relentless, I spend my days inside as much as possible. If we had a swimming pool it would be a completely different story!! I would be a fish most hours of the day!

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