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June 19th, 2013, 02:44 PM
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I just had my second home visit from midwife...Finn's jaundice is clearing up nicely, he's 5 ounces over his birth weight at 8 days old, and feeding is going great. I feel really good. My bleeding has stopped, no more crampy after-pains, milk is flowing, I'm down 22 lbs, and despite the lack of sleep I'm happy and pretty energetic. I was expecting postpartum depression, since I had it so bad after Fiona's birth, but so far I've been doing really well.

Also - sorry if this is TMI but I'm excited - my midwife said we're good to DTD whenever I feel up to it....and I'm feeling up to it! DH is weirded out by pregnant sex, so it's been months. He hasn't said anything about it because he doesn't want to push me, but when I told him we were all clear to DTD his response was "Oh, thank goodness." haha... I think we're both pretty excited!


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