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June 19th, 2013, 03:18 PM
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Hi ladies! Most of you know this if you're in the private FB group but Nolan was born on 6/13, about 6 weeks early. I am on my tablet so I will do a bigger update from my pc when I get a minute & share pix, but I wanted to update you all

He was 6lbs 11oz & 18in long, so a great size for his age! He is in the NICU, they estimate he could be there about 3 weeks but could be home as early as this weekend of he makes good progress. He was on cpap for a few days & had a ton of respiratory issues, I wasn't able to hold him or barely touch him for 4 days, so that was so tough. He has a nasal cannula now & they're working on weaning him off that slowly. He also cannot eat on his own, although we've been trying, so he gets pumped breast milk through a feeding tube until he figures out how to eat from a bottle. He is jaundice so he's under the lights but his levels aren't super high so hopefully he will only need the lights 2 days. His heart looks healthy but his heart rate drops quite a bit so they think he'll out grow that with time.

Once he's weaned off oxygen & able to eat on his own & isn't jaundice & stays that way for 24 hours he can go home!

It's been a very hard, emotional week but it could be a lot worse so we're thankful that he is progressing & a healthy size.

I'll try to get on my pc soon to do a birth story but basically I went into labor completely out of the blue & they couldn't stop it so I had an emergency c-section.
Ashley - Wife to Derrick, mommy to Owen-8, Rylan-6 & Addison-3. Baby Nolan is here, born 6/13/13 @ 34 weeks.
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