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June 19th, 2013, 03:40 PM
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Hi Ladies,

I'm back...after taking some time off. So great to see everyone's moving along and lots of BFPs!!! Congrats to Cassandra, Gretchen & Kimóand anyone else I missed!!

Iíve been following along with everyone silently cheering you on, as I get ready for my 2nd cycle. This time weíll do an ER and freeze all the embryos, then wait for my hormones to calm down and do a transfer in August/Sept.

Leah, good to see you again. Sorry youíre back with us, but itís nice to see a friendly supportive face! Iím cheering for you sweetie. This time itís 9 months of preggos for you!!

AFM Ė Iím on BCPs for a few more days, then AF and baseline testing. I should have ER around 7/11. Just before my 44th bday, yikes!

Also, hereís a link to even more recent IVF protocolsÖvery interesting for those who can wait for it to be on the market.
First Baby Born Using New IVF Treatment

Baby Dust to all,
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