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June 19th, 2013, 04:09 PM
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I took a chance with a dollar store test this morning (10dpo), and it didn't even hint at a second line.

But here are my current symptoms:
Happy/perky even right after the alarm goes off! This is not me.
A full feeling in my abdomen
Twitches and pings of pain a little below my bellybutton
And just today...
My nipples feel like they've been sunburned or something. Ouch.

I'm not too bummed about the negative test. My youngest sister's first pregnancy didn't show up on a stick even though she'd missed her 2nd period. She wasn't convinced of her pregnancy until she threw up over the smell of cooking garlic.

And the perkiness is sort of a symptom in our family. My mother's mother says she never felt healthier/happier than when she was pregnant.

Dude...these nipples are really starting to wear on me.

I'm so glad this forum is here. Talking about my symptoms with hubby seems to...well, he's not that into this whole Am I/Am I not thing. He just wants to know either way, and that's kinda all he wants to hear about it. Not really normal for him, huh. I think to some extent the realization of what we're actually trying to accomplish is hitting him a little hard and he's stressing internally, maybe???

I'm going to see if I can hold off testing until next Wednesday morning. That's the morning I'm expecting my next period to start.

Until then, doing my best to keep my cool.
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