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June 19th, 2013, 05:46 PM
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This is INSANE. I am EP'ing for Lilah, she does not get formula. My other two girls drank 4oz of breast milk up until they were 6 months. I was giving Lilah 3.5 oz of breast milk, and she was SCREAMING after she finished, so I upped it to 4oz. She was ok with 4oz for a while, and now she's screaming after she's done 4oz, so I've been putting another oz in her bottle when she's not satisfied with 4oz. Just now, she drank SIX ounces. We gave her 4, she screamed like CRAZY for 20 min. We gave her 2 more ounces - she drank one, DH took the bottle out to burp her, and she LOST it. He then gave her the other ounce, and she's finally stopped crying and is just hanging out looking around.

This is NUTS to me. I can't even believe she's drinking this much. Anyone else's baby drinking this much???? I know I have rich breast milk, so I don't know why or how she's this hungry. She's 10lbs 1oz as of yesterday.

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