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June 19th, 2013, 06:18 PM
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Alright..first off, if you suspect you're going to have annoying people there while you are IN LABOR....make sure you do not tell them when you've headed to the hospital. If they don't know you're there, they won't be able to bug you. You seriously do not want an audience when you're trying to labor. The nurses and all that are enough of a bother, honestly. happy you'll have any visitors and be happy that they are happy for you. I had tons of visitors with my first kid (which was tiring, but nice). With my second, I only had 2 visitors. My own parents didn't even come see me. In fact, they didn't see my daughter til she was 3 days old. Yea, lame. Be glad they care. If you really don't want them to get to see their first grandchild while you are in the hospital, then I'd try to set something up with them to come over to your place soon after you get home.

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