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June 20th, 2013, 12:54 AM
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Oh, HECK NO... I absolutely would not put up with being talked to that way! I understand you were speechless when he made the comments, but I really feel you need to address this later with him. Tell him how emotionally vulnerable you are feeling, and ask him to please only bring up your weight gain/loss if there is a strong medical concern. My OB doesn't even have the numbers on the scale facing the patient... you have to ask if you want to know how much you gained from one visit to the next!! And I totally agree that everybody gains the weight differently. I always packed it on at the tail end of my pregnancies. As long as you're eating healthy, your body will gain what it needs to gain for a healthy baby. I hope that your next appt. is better. It is so important to be able to trust your OB, especially following a loss.
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