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June 20th, 2013, 06:58 AM
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Hope y'all don't mind me bringing this up here....

I have a 16 year old, medium sized dog. She's just a mongrel terrier mix, about 40 - 45 lbs. I have had her more than half of my life, and I really love her.

She has her good days and bad days, but lately she is having more mediocre days and bad days... but she still manages to go outside and run around like a pup. (For about 5 minutes and then she's tired.)

This week, she has been having accidents in the house at night, on carpet no less. I feed her and give her water at 3 pm just to try to avoid this from happening from feeding too late, DH is home with her all evening. He lets her out to use the bathroom several times in the evening, but she paces and drives him crazy because he doesn't always know what she wants if she's eaten and been outside. She doesn't like to play or get petted very much anymore. Just likes to go outside a few times a day and bark at the birds and chase rabbits that don't exist. I get home at midnight, and wake her up to make sure she goes outside again. So these accidents... I don't know what to do, there was urine and poop this time. I can't kennel her or confine her to any particular area of the house without her being miserable, she has always had free reign, and when we have had to kennel her, she just would whine constantly.

Earlier this year we had a bit of a scare with her having seizures, and then a bladder infection, but those issues were treated and not an issue now. But she also has low kidney function and is on a few different medications, supplements, and also prescription food. We aren't supposed to be restricting water intake, she is supposed to have as much water as she can drink.


Do I add to all of this building maintenance and hassle and put her in diapers... or is it time to say goodbye?

Honest opinions needed. I'm not looking for anyone's approval to "Go ahead and have your baby put down." I just want to know what anyone else would do in this situation, and is there another option I haven't thought of?


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