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June 20th, 2013, 07:34 AM
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Here's my opinion, I have 3 other dogs, everything she's doing is NORMAL at her age. You have to understand she's a senior (116yrs old in dog years) now and it's takes more to take care of her. It's just like us when we get older, we will need more care than someone who is 25yrs old.

For example I have a 10yr old weinie dog, she gets winded easy, barks at things that don't exist, loss of vision, and in the morning I have to keep her in the bed until were ready to go outside because the second she hits the floor she will have an accident, she can't hold it too long.

Here's my thing if my dog is in agony I will put him/her down, I wouldn't keep them alive for my own selfish reasons and let them be in pain.

Now with that being said it just sounds like she can't hold her bladder as long which is common in older dogs, me personally I wouldn't put mine (Bowie) down until she had something imparing her for moving and being in pain everyday, but this is your choice and no one can make that decision but you.
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