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June 20th, 2013, 08:10 AM
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Originally Posted by ArmyWife28 View Post
Here's my opinion, I have 3 other dogs, everything she's doing is NORMAL at her age. You have to understand she's a senior (116yrs old in dog years) now and it's takes more to take care of her. It's just like us when we get older, we will need more care than someone who is 25yrs old.
I hear ya.

She's pretty much stone deaf, and her eyes are cloudy but she sees well enough to get around.

I don't want to have her put down because you are right, she's not in obvious pain. Sometimes she might fall and not be able to get up right away, or just have some days where she's feeling arthritic and just sleeps, but for the most part she's really spry. What can you do, realistically, for the incontinence in a dog?

I just have this fear that I might be hanging on too hard, and that I won't be able to see it when it's really time. I think that the time is probably approaching and I don't know how to know... you know? I don't think today is it, and it might not be this week or this month, but DH and I are very skeptical she will make it through another winter...

And what will I do when I go back on days and DH and I are both gone for 12 hours at a time... :\

Not being able to go on vacations, or even overnight trips... not a big deal. But if I'm not able to go to my job...

Sorry for the rambling ranting ... yeah...
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