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June 20th, 2013, 08:40 AM
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I'am so sorry your going through this, I know you aren't sure she can make it through another winter but you never know, and like I said before this is your decision it's no one elses. One of the Psychologist I work with has to put down her 14yr old Lab pretty soon because she a football size tumor (benign) on her lung, they don't want to do surgery because it's too much risk and with her age she would have a hard time recovering..And honestly Bowie is just like your dog she has these issues but she gets around fime, and she sometimes plays with the new puppy we have. I always say he keeps her young

But I understand where you are coming from Bowie is like my child I've had her for 10yrs, and I hate seeing that her vision is getting worse, she gaining weight, and her sight is getting bad.
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