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June 20th, 2013, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by ashleykathleen View Post
Omg! Cuteness overload! Her brothers are gonna have their hands full when she gets older.

Btw, been meaning to ask, what is her middle name?

Ellianna Kathryn. It is funny - we debated and debated names for our boys. With our eldest, gender was a surprise. If "he" was a girl, the name was Katherine Elizabeth. Of course, he was an Aleksander Michael. Then came our second 22 months later. We found out at 20 weeks a boy. Thought and thought. Finally settled on Ethan William. (Each boy has the middle name that is also a grandfather's middle name). With Ellianna, I was talking one morning to DH before we found out gender. I said, what do you think of Ellianna for a girl. He said, I like it. When we found out gender, I wanted to discuss names. He said why, she is Ellianna. We then discussed middle names. Kathryn (sp?) was in the running since it was out first choice 10 years ago. I wrote the three spellings (and I really wanted a "K"), and DH quickly circled "Kathryn". We literally spend a total of 10 minutes deciding on her name.

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