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June 20th, 2013, 11:59 AM
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thanks ladies...I have this feeling of dread that i'm going to fail the 3 hour (only really because I had no issue passing 1 hr with Savannah)...I actually voluntarily fasted for 12 hours before the 1 hour test to help avoid failing (a fail in itself LOL), and while nurse is telling me I only have to fast starting at midnight b/c my test is at 9am I'm going to fast again starting about 12 hours earlier just in case.

I kind of wish my Dr just did the 2 hour test because the nurse tells me this morning that if I fail 2 out of the 3 blood draws on the 3 hour that they will consider that failing entire test & diagnose GD. So since clearly i'll fail the 1 hour again, since I just did, that really means if I fail at the 2 hour mark they'll classify it as GD even if I manage to pass at the 3 hour not sure what the purpose is in keeping me for 3 hours except maybe to see if it's less severe if I can manage to pass at 3 hours?

Amanda - sorry to hear you failed your 1 hr too...stinks! I hope you're able to pass your 3hr on Tue 3hr will be Thur AM.

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