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June 20th, 2013, 01:23 PM
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Why are you having them routine this early? is it for the placenta problem you'd mentioned before?

I had them with my daughter when the midwife said I was overdue, and it just led to all sorts of problems for me, so I think if I were going to a hospital to birth I'd just refuse them this time. But since I'm doing a home birth I wont have them at all. I'm so happy to be having such a laid back approach to this birth!
Good luck with your appointments!

Oh and Amber, incase you don't know what the NST's entail it is an ultrasound of baby and placenta, and then a time strapped to the heart and contraction monitors (like in labor) where they monitor the babies heart rate and see if you are having contractions and how the baby is doing during them.... honestly aside from seeing more pictures of the baby it is a pretty boring hour and isn't 'nonstressful' to me. Between finding the time to go to the appointment, and then sitting there wondering what they are discovering, or not discovering it is pretty annoying to me.
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