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June 20th, 2013, 01:47 PM
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I was outta town yesterday, so I wasn't online. It was a good visit to my grandmom's. She loves seeing the kids, so I try to take the up as often as I can (it's an hour away and can be a long day, but worth it).

Today I took the dog to the vet with the kids (hahaha, such fun!) and then took them to the park for a picnic, which actually went really well.

Jo is in the acne boat too. And I admit it bothers me a little bit. Only because we have our big 4th of July family event in two weeks and the whole family meets her...I want her to look cute!! Lol. I hope it goes away before that. But I know it's a little petty of me to think that way. It's not her fault she looks like a hormone-crazed teenager!

Tonight is my anniversary, so me and DH are going to dinner. My mom is watching the boys. But I "chickened out" on leaving Jo. I am not ready yet, so we are taking her with us. It's not a big deal, since she will prolly sleep or just hang out on my shoulder the whole time. But I felt like an idiot wanting to take her along. DH doesn't mind. Good thing!

Oh, and she is 6 weeks old today It's going too fast!
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