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June 20th, 2013, 02:06 PM
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Hi and welcome. We have 6dc as well.
Does your zoo have a family membership option? I buy the family membership for ours, by the time we go twice...maybe even just once, it's paid for itself. Our local science center and another museum do this as well. That gives us something to do year round, whenever we want.
We have a splash park that after, I think, 5 is cheaper. It's at a beach where if you pay 20-25$ you get a year pass to all the metro parks and they all have beaches that then are free.
We have 2 swingsets, a trampoline (make sure you have an enclosure and it's zipped, if anyone is in it)
several power wheels (we found ours on craigslist) they are about 3-4 hundred new in the store, 1-150 (hundred) on craigslist. Sometimes they need parts, but you can typically order them online or batteries which are available at toys r us.
Local parks
Does your mall have an indoor play area? That's good for hot days.
a pool whatever size would be good for your family. Last year we had 2. 1 bigger one for the older dc. Got a GREAT deal. Had points from our bank, used them to get toys r us gift cards, used those to buy a huge inflatable water toy, pool was free gift with the purchase. Then we bought a little one for the little ones.
and of games my older boys spend WAY too much time playing them. I did get some dance games and I have found that if my teen dd and I play one in the evening, the boys will join. That at least gets them up and moving.
Local library and they usually have story times that are free.

Our first vacation this summer is over 4th of july and we are going camping....cheaper than a hotel if you have tents. If not search craigslist.

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